No Code E-commerce Store Mastery Program!

Are you ready to take your web design skills to the next level? At Eformics Academy, we're excited to announce our comprehensive No-Code E-commerce Store Mastery Program, a 40-hour intensive training designed for aspiring web designers and entrepreneurs. Join us on a journey where you'll learn to install, implement, and customize e-commerce stores using the powerful Ecommercetemplates.com platform.

Why Choose Us 

for Your E-commerce Training?

Expert Guidance

Benefit from a seasoned e-commerce consultant with over 15 years of experience.

Live Store Experience

Gain hands-on experience by working on a real ecommerce store.

Comprehensive Support:

Get insights into website hosting, security, and personalized advice based on real-world scenarios.

No-Code, No Design Hassles

Our program is tailored for those who want to focus on business, not technicalities.

Our Commitment

Who Should Do This Course? 

what you will learn

Web Designers

Enhance your skills by learning to create fully functional and visually appealing e-commerce stores.

no code vs code


Equip yourself with the knowledge to independently set up and manage your online store, saving costs and ensuring customization to your brand.


Stay ahead in the digital landscape by acquiring valuable e-commerce skills, relevant for various industries.

Our training program Requirements.

No prior coding or design experience is needed! All you need is:

01 Basic Computer Skills: 

Participants should be familiar with basic computer operations, file management, internet usage and familiarity with common web browsers (e.g., Chrome, Firefox) for practical exercises.

02 Creative Mindset:

A passion for design and creativity, even without prior coding experience.

03 Access to a Computer:

Participants need a laptop or desktop computer with a stable internet connection.

04 Project Commitment:

Willingness to work on hands-on projects to reinforce learning and build a portfolio.

05 Time Commitment:

Participants should allocate dedicated time for live sessions, assignments, and self-paced learning.

What You Will Learn:


Ecommerce Basics:

Explore the ABCs of online selling. Learn why businesses love selling things on the internet and how it can make a big difference, no matter how small or big your business is.


Platform Administration: 

Discover how to use the ecommercetemplates.com tool without feeling lost. We'll guide you through everything – from starting your online store to keeping track of what you're selling. It's like learning to drive, but for your online shop!


End-User Perspective

Imagine being a shopper in your own store. We'll show you how to make your store super easy and fun for customers. Learn what buttons to press, what pictures to show, and how to fix things if something goes wrong.


Product Management:

Become a pro at handling your products online. We'll teach you how to put pictures and descriptions of your stuff on your website. Plus, we'll share tricks on changing prices and making your products look awesome for shoppers.


System Features:

Get to know all the buttons and switches in your online store. From handling orders to keeping track of what's in stock, we'll make sure you're the master of your store's control panel. If something seems confusing, don't worry – we'll guide you through it.


Payment Gateways:

Ever wondered how money moves around the internet? We'll help you set up a safe and easy way for customers to pay you online. It's like having your own cashier, but all online and secure.


Shipping Modules:

Sending stuff to customers? We've got you covered. Learn how to set up different ways to send things to your buyers. Whether it's down the street or across the world, we'll make sure your customers get what they ordered without any hassle.


What the Student Will Get?


Licensed Software

Clear and specific goals that outline what participants are expected to learn or achieve by the end of the training.


6 Months of Free Support

Enjoy peace of mind with six months of free support directly from the software vendor. Our commitment to your success doesn't end with the course completion; it extends to ongoing assistance as you embark on your e-commerce journey.


Hosting Account

Avail a robust hosting account to ensure your e-commerce store is consistently available, providing a seamless shopping experience for your customers.


Domain Name

Secure your unique online identity with a personalized domain name, providing instant recognition and credibility to your e-commerce venture..


SSL Certification

Prioritize security with an SSL certificate, safeguarding sensitive information and establishing trust with your customers through a secure online environment


1 Email Account

Enhance professionalism and communication by obtaining a dedicated email account associated with your domain, valid for a full year.

Course Outline

Program Structure:

Week 1: Coming Soon!

Day 1:

Week 2: Coming Soon!

Day 1:

Week 3: Coming Soon!

Day 1:

Week 4: Coming Soon!

Day 1:

What You'll Gain After Completing the Training:

Congratulations on completing our no-code ecommerce training! As you wrap up the program, here's a glimpse of what you'll take away:

Confidence in Ecommerce Mastery:

You'll stride confidently into the world of ecommerce, equipped with a solid understanding of the fundamentals. No more feeling overwhelmed – you're now the captain of your online store.

Expertise in Platform Administration:

Navigating the ecommercetemplates.com platform is now second nature to you. From setting up your store to managing inventory effortlessly, you're in control. No more tech jitters – just smooth sailing through your online business.

Customer-Centric Approach:

You've mastered the art of thinking like your customers. Crafting a shopping experience that's not just seamless but enjoyable is now your forte. You'll know how to keep your customers smiling and coming back for more.

Pro Product Management Skills:

Say goodbye to product upload headaches! You're now a pro at showcasing your products – from enticing images to compelling descriptions. Adjusting prices and optimizing listings? Consider it done, with finesse.

Smooth System Operations:

Running your online store is now a breeze. From processing orders to managing inventory, you've got it covered. If any hiccups arise, your troubleshooting skills will shine through, keeping your store running smoothly.

Secure Payment Processing Know-How:

Online payments? Easy peasy. You've set up secure and efficient payment gateways, ensuring your customers feel safe while shopping with you. You're the guardian of their financial peace of mind.

Efficient Shipping Strategies:

Shipping challenges? Not for you. You've mastered setting up different shipping options, ensuring your products reach customers near and far hassle-free. Your shipping game is on point.

Hands-On Experience with Live Demo Store:

It's not just theory – you've applied your learning to a live demo store, experiencing actual transactions. You're not just knowledgeable; you're practically skilled, ready to tackle the real-world challenges of ecommerce..

Personalized Support and Insights:

Our seasoned e-commerce consultant has shared valuable insights tailored to your needs. You've received personalized advice on website hosting, security, and real-world scenarios, making your journey unique and guided.

Ready for Online Success:

Armed with this comprehensive skill set, you're not just ready – you're geared up for success in the online business arena. Your journey into ecommerce is now paved with confidence, knowledge, and the practical skills needed to thrive.

Completing our no-code ecommerce training isn't just an achievement; it's your ticket to a successful and fulfilling online business journey. Cheers to your new expertise!

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